Delhi Declaration on Open Access (2018)
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
2018-02-17 13:51:05 UTC

I am happy to announce that as a part of OpenCon 2018 New Delhi
<http://www.opencon2017.org/opencon_2018_new_delhi>, organized by Wikimedia
India along with the support from Centre for Internet & Society - Access to
Knowledge & Open Access India, the Delhi Declaration on Open Access has
been drafted.

This declaration was drafted by a group comprising of researchers and
professionals working for opening up access to research outputs for public
good in India. The declaration is aimed at scientific communities,
scholarly societies, publishers, funders, universities and research
institutions to promote openness in science and research communications.
The contributors and signatories of the declaration, members of the Open
Access India, Open Access communities of practice in India, and the
attendees of the OpenCon 2018 New Delhi held on 3rd February 2018 at
Acharya Narendra Dev College, Kalkaji, New Delhi (University of Delhi) have
agreed to issue this declaration.

After opening the draft to public review until 13 February, and was adopted
on 14 February.
The complete declaration can been seen at: https://goo.gl/gJN2og.
If you wish to be one of the signees, please fill the form at

Kindly forward it to your respective communities, so that the declaration
can have maximum reach.

Krishna Chaitanya Velaga