#1Lib1Ref Again!
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
2018-04-14 11:47:25 UTC

Thanks to Sailesh Pattnaik for the previous message about the second
iteration of #1Lib1Ref this year. I would like to add something to that.

It is an annual campaign where librarians add references to improve
Wikipedia, is coming back again this year, running from May 15th to June
5th, 2018. It is being run for the second time from this year because we
heard from you a desire to run it again out of excitement. Librarians,
community members, and affiliates are encouraged to make 1Lib1Ref [their
own]. So whether we call this 1Lib1Ref May, 1Lib1Ref for the Southern
Hemisphere, or 1Lib1Ref Strikes Back, the point is the excitement is
building again, and we'd like you to be a part of it.

If you would like host a session at a local library, here are some
materials for you:

1.) Helpful multimedia (logos, videos, flyers, stickers)

2.) Connect with local librarians

3.) Lets take a Coffee Break and contribute to #1lib1ref. Here's how!

4.) Read the 1Lib1Ref 2018 January report and learnings

"Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to
Wikipedia" Wikipedia is a first stop for researchers. Let's make it better!
Your goal today is to add one reference to Wikipedia! Any citation to a
reliable source is a benefit to Wikipedia readers worldwide.

For any assistance, kindly contact ***@wikimedia.org.


Krishna Chaitanya Velaga

Outreach Coordinator | The Wikipedia Library

*on behalf of *

Felix Nartey

Global Coordinator | The Wikipedia Library