Wiki Loves Monuments is just 7 days away
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Bodhisattwa Mandal
2018-08-24 21:56:11 UTC

WLM 2018 is just 7 days away and the organization team from India is
working in full force to get everything ready before the mega-event starts
on September 1.

Our newest update -
1) We have checked all the English Wikipedia lists on Monuments of
National Importance and State Protected Monuments of different states and
union territorries and corrected obvious errors caused by vandalism, which
were there for last few years, causing severe mismatch with ASI lists.
The list of monuments to be covered this year is here -
2) Thanks to Balaji, Tamil community is working on a list of >12,000
monuments situated in Tamil Nadu, which are not protected by ASI or state
government. The list has been included in this year's competition, and by
doing this, we are extending the scope of the event beyond ASI monuments.
The list can be found here - https://ta.wikipedia.org/s/7bs9
3) Thanks to Wikidata Wikiproject India participants, we are now more
organized in Wikidata than before. This year, we are focusing on creating
Wikidata entries of all Monuments of National Importance and State
Protected Monuments of India and hope to finish the job before the WLM
competition starts next year. The details of the ongoing work can be found
here -
4) The event page in Commons is ready for translation. Happy translating!