Fwd: Endorse application for Laptop & Internet grants
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Dhaval S. Vyas
2018-02-27 11:00:25 UTC
Hi All,

As part of the community review team to distribute laptops and internet
stipends under Project Tiger, we would like to bring to your attention the

* The last date for applying to get laptop and internet support is 25th Feb
Sunday 11:59 PM IST. Please spread the word in your communities. Encourage
and help users who need this support to apply.

* There are many applications still in draft form. Please see if you know
some of those applicants. Help them to complete their applications.

* There are many applications without endorsements. Please do endorse
applicants you know. Please note that the number of endorsements doesn't
ensure if someone gets support. However, it will help the review committee
to understand the applicant's need and merit.

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you need help or clarification.

See https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Supporting_Indian_
Language_Wikipedias_Program/Support for more details.


Dhaval S. Vyas
Yohann Thomas
Manavpreet Kaur