Focused Project Areas or FPA: Involvement with Indic communities
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Tito Dutta
2018-03-02 11:16:01 UTC
I would like to inform you that CIS-A2K is in process of writing 2018-2019
work-plan, and during the process we intend to start working with new
projects and language communities.

CIS-A2K team has earlier tried to collaborate with Indic communities on
other than Focused Language Area (FLA) in form of needs-based support skill
building activities and outreach support.

Based on a consistent feedback we have received from Indic WIkimedians and
in an effort to meaningfully increase our collaboration with the emerging
projects, communities across Indic Wikimedia communities, CIS-A2K is
introducing Focus Project Areas (FPA) for the upcoming APG Plan 2018-19.

A2K team would like to engage with communities, individuals and
Wikimedia project related enthusiasts on a specific project/outcome basis
(such as Wikisource, Institutional Partnership, etc) for particular
language communities.

The projects and ideas will have to align with the strategic vision of the
Wikimedia Movement 2030[1] as well as the A2K team's vision plan. We invite
community representatives, user groups, individuals who are willing to join
hands with A2K team to write to ***@cis-india.org and ***@cis-india.org
for further discussions.

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017
and also see [2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wik

Tito Dutta
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