Wikidata Label-a-thon around Indian Independence Day 2018
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
2018-08-13 03:02:20 UTC
G'morning everyone,

A Wikidata Label-a-ton is planned around the theme of Indian Independence
Day 2018. A s the name of this specific activity may hint, the primary
objective of this "label-a-thon" is to expand and improve on *labels,
descriptions, and aliases in Indian languages* for items related to India
and Indian topics.

*Dates:* 15 August 2018 to 19 August 2018

Lists of tasks are available on the event page, if you wish, *you can also
add some tasks until 14 August 2018*. Please do read the rules and
guidelines mentioned on the event page.

*Event page at:*

Looking forward for your participation.

Krishna Chaitanya Velaga