Community health metrics kit: Input needed!
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Joe Sutherland
2018-10-05 21:29:03 UTC
Hello everyone - apologies for cross-posting! TL;DR: We would like your
feedback on our Metrics Kit project. Please have a look and comment on

The Wikimedia Foundation's Trust and Safety team, in collaboration with the
Community Health Initiative, is working on a Metrics Kit designed to
measure the relative "health"[1] of various communities that make up the
Wikimedia movement:

The ultimate outcome will be a public suite of statistics and data looking
at various aspects of Wikimedia project communities. This could be used by
both community members to make decisions on their community direction and
Wikimedia Foundation staff to point anti-harassment tool development in the
right direction.

We have a set of metrics we are thinking about including in the kit,
ranging from the ratio of active users to active administrators,
administrator confidence levels, and off-wiki factors such as freedom to
participate. It's ambitious, and our methods of collecting such data will

Right now, we'd like to know:
* Which metrics make sense to collect? Which don't? What are we missing?
* Where would such a tool ideally be hosted? Where would you normally look
for statistics like these?
* We are aware of the overlap in scope between this and Wikistats <
https://stats.wikimedia.org/v2/#/all-projects> — how might these tools

Your opinions will help to guide this project going forward. We'll be
reaching out at different stages of this project, so if you're interested
in direct messaging going forward, please feel free to indicate your
interest by signing up on the consultation page.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.


P.S.: Please feel free to CC me in conversations that might happen on this

[1] What do we mean by "health"? There is no standard definition of what
makes a Wikimedia community "healthy", but there are many indicators that
highlight where a wiki is doing well, and where it could improve. This
project aims to provide a variety of useful data points that will inform
community decisions that will benefit from objective data.

*Joe Sutherland* (he/him or they/them)
Trust and Safety Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation