Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program: Invitation for becoming a reviewing committee member
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Tito Dutta
2018-01-26 17:42:21 UTC
Hello one and all,
I hope this email will find you well. Earlier we informed you about the
project Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program (

Here we want to request you something.

For proper and systematic distribution of the resource we'll make a
committee who'll share and expertise to make the process and the selection

If you are an experienced Indic Wikimedian, you are requested to show
interest to join this review committee.

If you are interested please write to us at ***@cis-india.org,
***@cis-india.org with your name, username, and a brief statement on why
do you want to join this committee.

Please send your response before 4 February . If you have questions, please
contact us.