Indic Wikisource Community Consultation 2018
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Jayanta Nath
2018-11-02 18:57:56 UTC
Hello Indic Wikimedians,

A Community Consultation on Indic Wikisource will take place on 24-25
November in Kolkata. Pre-event session is on 23 November early evening.

The objectives of the consultation are:

1. Share views and preferences on the most effective ways to pursue our
shared vision of creating and sharing free knowledge in India and in the
Indian languages (including English Wikisource) around the world through
Indic Wikisource Project.
2. Attempt to come to agreement on a roadmap for a future where our
resources are better utilized, our volunteers are better served, and
progress on our mission is more steadily attained.

In summary, the current state of affairs in supporting the growth, health,
and motivation of Wikisource volunteers in India leaves much to be desired.
Recently, some specific developments in Google OCR, have led us to decide
we should attempt to facilitate, and hopefully rebuild, a *shared vision* for
the future of Wikisource work in India. We intend to be open to any of a *wide
range* of possible futures, with both formal and informal ways to create
shared identity and purpose.

We have selected and invited *one potential* active volunteer from each
Indic Wikisource language Community.Focusing on *active contributors* with
(ideally) a longer track record, to maximize the amount of experience and
context in the room while retaining the legitimacy that can only come from
including active contributors. That said, we *did* one active contributors.

Please see the event page here:

Note: We will organize Community Consultation/Workshop programme on each
Indic language Wikisource community in coming month. If you are interested
to do the same for your Wikisource language community, please let me know
and mail me at ***@cis-india.org

Jayanta Nath