Punjabi Wikisource Workshop 2018
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Jayanta Nath
2018-11-09 13:32:08 UTC

A workshop on Wikisource for Punjabi Wikimedian will take place on 17-18
November in Patiala.

Any Wikimedian from Punjab and Haryana, who are actively working, may apply
to participate in the workshop.

- Introduction of Punjabi Wikisource.
- Copyright Introduction about the Punjabi Books.
- Punjabi Wikisource Stats explanation.
- Proofreading/validation techniques tools.
- Most uses Wikisource Tools.
- Implements the tools to Punjabi Wikisource.
- Google OCR with python script.

Some of the topics to be discussed during the workshop are (more topics may
be added)

Please see the event page here, and consider joining:

Partial participation is not allowed. In order to bridge gender gap, female
Wikimedians are encouraged to apply.


Jayanta Nath