Number conversion and calculation in Indic languages
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Tito Dutta
2018-09-30 19:31:56 UTC
This might be interesting.
I do remember a year or so ago, we had a discussion on this mailing list or
on Wikimedia-l (I tried to find the thread, but failed) where we found any
template where a calculation is needed, Indian-language numbers or digits
are not working. A general conclusion was citing an RFC which states
Indian-language numbers/digits are considered as letters.

User:àŠ†àŠ«àŠ€àŠŸàŠ¬à§àŠœà§àŠœàŠŸàŠ®àŠŸàŠš (User:Aftabuzzaman) showed a template
https://bn.wikipedia.org/s/a7tz which is supported by a module
https://bn.wikipedia.org/s/9utr which converts the Indic-language numbers,
hence allows the calculation to be done in Indic-language digit itself.

Perhaps some of you will find it useful

Tito Dutta
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