Wikidata Advanced Training 2018, India 15 and 16 December
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Tito Dutta
2018-11-27 15:31:03 UTC
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An advanced Wikidata training will take place on 15-16 December 2018 in
Mumbai (most possibly). Asaf Bartov will be the primary trainer of this

Background and objectives

In India a few Wikidata trainings took place in recent years, notably User:Asaf
(WMF)/2017 Technical trainings in India
After this training of Asaf, we saw several Wikidata developments in India
including the formation of WikiProject India, a few label-a-thons, and
Indian Independence label-a-thon. Now, we are trying to take the Wikidata
experience in India to the next level.

The plan is:

Wikimedians in India who are

- actively working on Wikidata and
- aware of basic Wikidata editing

will attend the training to

- learn more about advanced Wikidata editing
- plan future Wikidata activities in India

Please learn more about this workshop:

The link above hopefully covers required details about the event, and, if
you have questions, please let me know. Kindly spread the words to
deserving Wikimedians.
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Tito Dutta